WotWeb is a cut-down port scanner specifically made to scan for and display active web servers and shows the server software running on them. IP lists can be entered manually or by reading from a file. Scanning is fast and accurate and the acquired list of servers can be saved to a comma separated text file for importing into your favorite spreadsheet application for further analysis.

WotWeb was written to aid system administrators who manage large networks and need to keep track of all their web servers and the type of server software that is running on them - a time consuming and laborious task, often achieved by writing complex custom scripts coupled with command line scanning tools.

See the accompanying readme.txt file for further details.

Special Performance Enhancement Notice!

You can significantly improve the performance of the scanner (in fact ANY scanner) by adjusting a few registry values. The improvement is especially noticeable on Windows 95/98. Included with the ZIP file are 2 registry files, one for Windows 98 and one for Windows 2000/NT. Incorporating these registry tweaks and rebooting should give you much better scan speeds. On Windows 98 for example, scanning a class C you will notice 2 or 3 large pauses of 20 seconds or more during the scan as the system waits for internal TCP/IP stack queues to empty. With the registry tweaks these delays vanish.

As always, backup your registry, or at least the values that are being changed by these files, before you apply the changes. If you don't understand what you are doing with the system registry then don't mess with it.

Version 1.08
  • Added some more non-standard web ports plus the ability to add a single custom port of your choice.

Version 1.06
  • Wasn't using correct port when launching browser.

Version 1.05
  • Added a couple more ports.
  • Added hostname resolving.

Version 1.03
  • Added "Code" and "Auth" fields to show the returned HTTP response code and authorisation level.
  • Added ports 900, 2779 and 5000.

Version 1.02
  • Minor bug fix with IP import function.
  • Added port 1214 (Kazaaa/Morpheus). This is not technically a web server but its fun seeing all those shared files!
  • Added "always on top" button (at bottom left).

Version 1.01
  • Fixed copy to clipboard bug. Was copying wrong item when list was sorted.

Version 1.00
  • Initial release