Timer is, well, a timer! If you need a simple program to time onscreen events this is it. Just click the window and it will start timing. Click again and it will stop. Timing is accurate to the millisecond.

Right-clicking on the window caption will bring up the window menu with two additional items:

  • Copy time to clipboard
  • Program Options

The first is self-explanatory. The second menu item brings up an options dialog where you can select whether the main window will always show above other windows, choose to show the timer in two different formats (hh:mm:ss.ms or ssssss.ms) and select a hotkey that can be used to start and stop the program. The latter option is very useful if you don't want to lose the input focus from the application your are currently running in order to start the timer.

There is one command-line parameter that can be used with the program. Specifying "-go" or "/go" (case insensitive) will start the timer going as soon as the program starts.

Version 1.00
  • Initial release.

Antivirus False Positive issue

It has been brought to my attention that Timer is being reported by some antivirus programs as containing a trojan. This is what is known as a false positive identification. The antivirus program is mistaken. Timer does not contain a trojan or a virus or any other kind of malware. I have reported this problem to several antivirus companies but sadly it can take time for them to fix their mis-identifications, if they respond at all.

Please be assured that none of the software on this site contains any kind of malicious content. If you have downloaded software from keir.net and your antivirus program is complaining about it may I suggest you email them and tell them to fix the problem.