Shed is outdated and may not even function correctly on today's more modern versions of Windows. I highly recommend that you instead download my other network share scanning tool, ShareScan, hosted on McAfee's website here.
Shed is a very fast Windows shared resource scanner. Multiple potential hosts are scanned in parallel and when a shared resource is encountered it is enumerated in a separate thread for maximum efficiency.

This program is designed to run on a PC running Windows NT/2000. Although it will run on a Windows 9x machine it will be limited to detecting and connecting to shares on the local network (i.e. the Network Neighborhood). Shed will not detect shares on the Internet when run on a Windows 9x machine.

Clicking the Options button will allow you to configure the type of shared resources that will be displayed when a scan is run. You should also select the most appropriate network connection from the System Configuration drop-down list so that Shed will configure itself for the best performance.

To start a scan, enter an IP address range in the Start IP and Stop IP boxes or just a single IP address in the Start IP box and press Enter or click the Go button. To resolve a hostname, enter the name in the box above the Hostname Lookup button and press Enter or click the Hostname Lookup button.

To connect to a discovered share simply double-click on an entry in the tree-view. It may take several seconds for Windows Explorer to connect to a remote host.

Version 1.01
  • Fixed possible missing detecting shares of machines toward the end of a scan.

Version 1.00
  • Initial release