CD is a simple but fully functional CD player in 10K (5K download).

Standard controls include

  • Restart CD
  • Move back a track
  • Move forward a track
  • Play/Pause
  • Stop

The display shows the current track and the current time position within that track.

Clicking the minimize button will hide the main window and create an icon in the system tray. Resting the cursor over this icon shows the current track and the total number of tracks available in the form of a tooltip.

Clicking on the tray icon brings up a menu where you can choose to open up the main window again or select any of the standard play controls as with the main window buttons.

You can even place CD over the task bar (where it fits quite nicely!) and it will continue to be visible.

Version 1.01
  • Added "Restart CD" control
  • Added tooltips to controls
  • Added a large program icon for desktop shortcut purposes
  • Added "About" box
  • Changed minimize button image
  • Changed small program icon
  • Changed minimize & close buttons to toolbar buttons
  • Removed line above toolbar
  • Fixed a toolbar size problem preventing dragging window in some places

Version 1.00
  • Initial release