BossKey is quite outdated. Although it may still function for your purposes it has not been tested on the more modern versions of Windows and could exhibit different or incorrect behavior. It is included here mainly for historical purposes.
BossKey is a simple virtual desktop program. Create hot-keys to switch between the desktops and have one set of windows/applications on one and a different set of windows/applications on another and flip between them instantly with a single key press. Up to 10 virtual desktops can be defined and windows can be designated always visible.

Version 2.00
  • BossKey can now have up to 10 virtual desktops, each with its own associated hotkey. It still has the ability to toggle between the current and last desktop with a separate hotkey.
  • Added the ability to specify any number of windows that should be excluded from hiding. You enter a partial text string and if that text is contained in the title bar of any window (case sensitive) it will not be hidden.
  • Fixed order of taskbar icons being reversed when switching desktops.

Version 1.06
  • The window in version 1.05 was resizable but shouldn't have been.

Version 1.05
  • Added a command-line parameter /go (or -go) that will enable BossKey to start without showing the window at all. Use this if you run the program from a startup shortcut and don't want to have to click OK every time you start your computer.