Moved to pairNIC

Having been a very happy user of’s web hosting service for many years, I finally bit the bullet and transferred my DNS domain name registrar from Network Solutions to pairNIC. It was a painless process taking less than a week, the vast majority of that time spent waiting for Network Solutions to relinquish the name.

I’d been planning to do this for years but every time my domain was up for renewal I would inevitably leave it until it was too late to risk moving it or had worried it would be too complicated or error prone.

This time I was determined not to let it pass.

Not only is pairNIC half the price of Network Solutions* and keeps my Whois details private at no extra cost, but I bet I won’t be pressured to renew by being spammed by them every other week starting 6 months prior to my domain expiring.

* Actually I was only charged $10 for the next full year since this was a transferral, so in effect this was less than a third the price of Netsol.